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.[The Mistress behind the madness].
Ok, well you''ve obviously come here to find out who I am, what I do and who''s pants are those...

.[Who]. - Samantha Stitz
.[What]. - I am... and just that.
.[Where]. - BrisVegas, Australia

.[Mortification]. - 30+ Years and counting. Tick tick tick... Boom! I`m a Taurean which makes me a medical miracle who survives on coffee and stubborness.

.[Misconceptions]. - Not a complete fool... some parts are missing!

.[Hextasy]. - Now where to begin, I''ve always been artistically inclined since I was drawing on the walls of my parents house when I was a child an getting in trouble for it. Despite a few stints being totally uncreative, I have always found my way back to the fundamental need to be creative and this is how my label .[Hextasy]. was born. It is the combined efforts of all the artwork, both digital and jewellery related that I create, it is the state of mind I go to whilst creating.

Since August 2001 I made the break away from traditional artwork into digital. From there I worked obsessively with Photoshop 6 & 7, Poser 4 & 5, Painter 8, Corel Draw 10 and Dreamweaver creating websites.

Under the title of Deviant Designs I produced character packages for 3D Characters. This included creating textures for 3D models and props for them to use. In April 2002 the 3D Commune Magazine featured an article about myself and artwork.

.[A Dedgirl For A Dedman]. In October 2002, .[Dedgirl For A Dedman]. took out 1st Place in their Halloween contest, along with being featured in the Daz November Showcase.
A featured artist at Poser Pros in November 2002, .[When Worlds Collide]. came to life. .[When Worlds Collide].

Between 2003 and 2004 I obtained my Certificate III & IV in Business Administration, excelling at accounting and database creation while working for myself freelance.

As a result in a move in 2004 I fell into sales and the construction industry which I unknowingly ended up loving.

Since 2006 I have been dabbling in the realms of jewellery making which has since resulted in "the stash" aka, a legitimate excuse to purchase and play with shiny things without looking like a bag lady.

In 2008 I had a life changing moment when my mother purchased a dichroic glass pendant and made the mistake of showing me. I had a light bulb moment and realised I _HAD_ to learn how to make these wonderful creations. Thanks to the internet, the purchase of a kiln and many hours of fiddling you can all see the result of my obsession.

In 2010 after two years of attempting to put up an online store, Hextasy - Designs of Decadence is now fully operational.

Now to make matters worse, in 2010 I started crossing paths with various lampwork beads, the same lightbulb moment and itch of I _HAD_ to learn how to do this happened all over again. I started out with a hot head melting glass on my back veranda with the BBQ gas cylinder and discovered that hey "Burning things rocks!" from there my dad suggested that I borrow his welding oxy bottle. What a mistake that was! he was not to get it back!

SO, another kiln later and a dodgy table in the garage is where I started with my Cricket, but I wasn't satisfied, nope, I upgraded to a Norton Mega Minor and just recently "the beast" a Nortel Red Max apparently big Red wasn't enough and topped off the studio with "the tank" aka a Bethlehem Bravo.

In 2014 I was very unfortunate to have a work accident, tearing the TFC cartilage in the middle of my right wrist. This lead to a hand that was rendered inoperable for 18 months due to a wrong specialist diagnosis until I was finally able to have surgery to correct this. For a creative type and being my dominant hand this was the kiss of death on my glass creations. However it was also a very humbling experience, which in turn never dulled my obsession with glass.

As with all things, change is inevitable and with my hand healed to it's best, in 2017, I decided after 5 years of working crazy hours in a job with no work life balance to pull the pin and change careers. While I still work full time, the change of role has allowed me to get back to focusing on what I have always loved. Glass. So after much shuffling around I now have a full blown torch studio setup which I can not spend enough waking hours in. If i'm not doing, I am dreaming about what I will make next, the challenge of working with glass is never ending obsession for me. Thankfully I am blessed with a partner who is nothing but encouraging and understanding of this.

When I'm not working full time, talking to my chickens or dabbling in my art you can find me at the BrisStyle Markets or online maintaining my creations.


.[The Studio].

.[A Dedgirl For A Dedman]..[Simplicity]..[To Have And Have Not]..[Fishbowl].
.[The Executioner]..[Raggedy Anne]..[Hypnox]..[Creature Feature]..[Luis Royo''s - Emergance From Red].

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